General conditions of a language support at Connection Koeln e.V.

Connection generally arranges language support for vistits to the doctor or the authorities, for social counselling appointments and leisure acitivities. For other occasions a language support can be provided upon request.

In the following cases Connection does not arrange a language support:

  • For legal proceedings
  • For psychotherapeutic treatment
  • For complex written translations
  • When there is a statutory right to a professional interpreter
  • When a language mediator can be provided from the language-pool of the city of CologneThe volunteers will be prepared for their work and role as a language supporter and are bound to secrecy about personal information that they come to know during a language support by a non-disclosure agreement.The volunteers and the people who are accompanied are only contact each other for the language support to ensure the highest level of neutrality for the translation.The language supporters receive detailed information about the requested language/dialect, the meeting point, the time and the occasion for the language support. The people involved preferably meet directly where the language support takes place.After the appointment, the language supporter gives feedback to the team of Connection if the language support took place and if there were any problems or questions.The team is available to answer queries from all people involved in the language support and intervenes in the event of difficulties. For this purpose it relies on advice and support of a specific specialist department if necessary.